You are welcome to visit the exhibition in Amsterdam at 3 locations: Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam, OBA and DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam.

                                                                                                                           April till June 2016, all locations nearby Central Station Amsterdam


The exhibition shows 11 portraits of young people living in
the EU. The exhibition runs from December 13th till february  12th 2016.
Open: 12 to 20 hours, closed on monday and between December 25 - January 4.

GALERIE Bayu Food Art & Private Dining
Haarlemmerdijk 135c, Amsterdam

We look forward to meeting you
moniqueneelen@msn.com  www.youroteens.eu  +31618374168

a photodocument about teenagers in the 28 EUcountries , (2012 – 2015)

YOUROTEENS is an initiative from 2 Dutch photographers. They are curious to know more about young people living in the EU and between12 and 19 years old.
Where do they live? How do they see their future in Europe? What are they thinking and dreaming about? What is their lifestyle and can you see differences in each country?

YOUROTEENS shows photographs of 90, ad random chosen, teenagers. The portraits are made in their own house or room, completed with their handwritten notes about their ideas or dreams for Europe and snapshots from their living environment.

YOUROTEENS is an initiative of Monique Neelen and Peter Hardewijn. Monique makes the portraits and Peter the snapshots showing the living environment.

YOUROTEENS will publish a book and be shown in a travelling exhibition through Europe.

YOUROTEENS started as a private initiative and is developing now into a committed netwerk of companies, policymakers and sponsors. At the moment the support of translators and a graphic designer is welcome.

YOUROTEENS shows 11 portraits in Galery Bayu Food Art & Private Dining.

We look forward to meeting you there.

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0031 618374168            0031 651447600